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Move In / Move Out Cleaning in Plano, TX

Moving isn’t easy, the last thing you need to worry about is getting the old/new home cleaned. Leave it to the professionals, let the experts at Best In Class Maids take care of the move-in / move-out cleaning for you.

Whether you’re a renter moving out or a landlord with a new tenant on the way. The move in/out cleaning is important.

When a place gets rented it’s crucial that the new resident moves into a clean space. As a renter, it’s important to clean on the way out to get the deposit back.

Either way, the moving cleaning is crucial.

What’s the difference between a move-in / move-out and a regular cleaning?

The standard cleaning is for general upkeep. This would include washing countertops, floors, dusting blinds, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens.

When doing a move in / move out cleaning there are some extra considerations taken to make sure the residence is ready for the next family.

Move In/Move Out Cleaning Checklist – What You Get!

  • Hand Wash Baseboards & Doors
  • Clean Closet Shelves & Drawers
  • Clean Inside Cabinets & Drawers
  • Clean Inside Refrigerator
  • Clean Inside Oven
  • Vacuuming & basic stain removal. For serious stains please, contact a professional carpet cleaner. We don’t steam clean at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Move In/Move Out Cleanings

    • Q: Am I required to be home for the cleaning?
    • A: No, it’s perfectly acceptable to give the cleaning team access without you being present. We’ll even lock up for you when we’re done.
    • Q: How long will the cleaning take?
    • A: Move-in/ move-outs require more detail work than a typical cleaning. Because of this, we always assume a move-in/move-out will add an hour or two to the time of a standard cleaning. A 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom would take around 2.5-3 hours where a 4 bedroom could take 6-7 hours.
    • Q: How much does the move-in / move-out cleaning cost?
    • A:  Please click on the “Book A Cleaning” button below for the most accurate pricing.


Note: All cleaning jobs are custom and subject to the cleaning teams better judgment. More or less service may be provided on a case by case basis.

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